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Transitions Everyday Lenses

Transitions everyday lenses are designed to be worn indoors and darken outdoors, adapting to light to provide more comfortable vision while protecting eyes from UV.

Original Transitions
® lenses – the most recommended photochromic lenses worldwide, these lenses provide the right balance of indoor clarity, outdoor darkness and speed. Perfect for wearers that want indoor clarity, comfort, convenience and protection.

® XTRActive™ – available in North America, these are the darkest photochromic lenses, ideal for wearers who spend much of their day in bright, sunny conditions. Indoors, they have an attractive, light tint. Transitions XTRActive lenses also activate moderately inside a car, and get very dark outdoors in even the warmest weather.

Transitions Performance Lenses
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Transitions SOLFX performance lenses are specifically designed for outdoor activities and help enhance visual performance by automatically adjusting and optimizing color and darkness in changing outdoor light conditions.
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Drivewear® Transitions® SOLFX™ – Available from Younger Optics, these sun lenses are designed specifically to meet the unique visual demands of the driving task. These lenses combine NuPolar® polarization and advanced Transitions photochromic dyes, which respond to both visible light and UV light.
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DEFINITY FAIRWAY™ Transitions® SOLFX™ – Changing from amber to darker brown, this progressive sunwear product provides golfers the right color and darkness for optimal performance, and comes systematically with Crizal Sun™ Mirrors.
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iRx® Polaroid® Transitions® SOLFX™ – Combining polarization with photochromic technology makes these sun lenses ideal for boating, skiing, hiking or just spending time outdoors. Available in multiple colors for true color recognition and improved contrast and depth perception.
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